A quest for a healthier journey

Neutrixx Since 2017
Neutrixx is a chain of premium but an affordable brand of stores, which deals exclusively with the entire range of Dry Fruits, Dried Fruits, Chocolates, Candies and more. It is the latest venture by Radhika Talwar who is the director in Talwar Group, which is today a household name in Automobiles and Event Space.

It aims to promote Dry Fruits as a daily and healthy snack and spread awareness about the quality and health benefits of using dry fruits, dried seeds and other allied products in everyday life. Neutrixx uses only the highest quality products from the house of Tulsi, which is one of the top brands of Dry fruit products in India since the past 40+ years. Neutrixx believes in only supplying the most natural and unadulterated products. Its vision is to supply natural and organic products to make people aware of the importance of nuts to maintain a daily nutritive balanced diet.

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